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[My wish]

I want to deliver high quality organic and inorganic chemicals all over the world with a view to future growth! !

In terms of my management policy, I always keep in mind visiting counter companies to strengthen relationship with business partners. Especially in China, more than 500 times business trip experiences are resulting in the strong relationship with local enterprises, and have been given rise to success.

Through our business experiences, we have accumulated vast knowledge of industrial chemicals and valuable information of the related chemical industry. We have been always willing to share such knowledge and information with our business partners. Nowadays, many major users and buyers, both domestic and foreign, appreciate the above attitude of ours and provide us close relationship with open-minded exchange of business information and technical knowledge, enabling us to mediate and open direct contracts between such buyers and users. This makes it possible for all of us to cope with the ever-changing business environment quickly and efficiently.
There are couples of successful cases where such direct contact resulted in establishing new production facilities in the plants of overseas suppliers based on the technical and financial support of domestic customers.
We sincerely hope you avail the most of our company’s expertise efficiently as one of the management tools of your business.


Eiichi Fukatsu
President of Shin-Ei Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

Born in Aichi Prefecture, west of Japan.
Graduated Sophia University, Tokyo. Joined a trading company where he gained 10 year experience in trading of chemicals.
Also engaged in advanced studies at Trading Research Institute which sponsored by the Ministry of Economy & Trade Industry, Japan.
1998 Founded SHIN-EI Corporation.

代表取締役社長 深津 英一

About Us

We handle a wide range of products, such as pharmaceutical intermediates, agrochemical intermediates, polyimide resin raw materials, epoxy resin raw materials, carbon fibers / acrylic fibers additives, chemicals for lithium batteries and advanced intermediates for electronics. Also, we handle high-tech inorganic chemicals such as germanium, zirconium and nano-diamonds.

We have import and export partners in China, India, Brazil, Europe and the United States of America, and we have many years of experience in China.
Our feature is in the information activity based on much information and personal connections. We have the ability to collect high value and future trend information, and we are making it progress.

Leading manufacturers and users in various industries have signed contracts directly to acknowledge these characteristics of our company. After establishing a close relationship with us, we mediate open communication between manufacturers and users in Japan and overseas, and we are responding more quickly to changing situations.
As an extension of this, there is already an example where our company will jointly invest with a domestic user to set up facilities of an overseas manufacturer, and we would like you to utilize such functions of our company as part of your business strategy.

Company Profile

We introduce valuable products from leading manufacturers in China and other countries to domestic users such as pharmaceutical intermediates, agrochemical intermediates and high-tech chemicals, and also advise overseas manufacturers on the development of products required by domestic companies, etc. The basis of our activities is to transmit valuable sales information to customers.